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Meet the Team

Richard Wilde
Equipment Sales and Service
Contact Info: 920-660-4524
Email: Richard@PDSdentalequipment.com

Paul Phelps
Equipment Specialist
Office Design, Project Management, Equipment Sales
Contact Info: 608-444-6772
Email: Paul@PDSdentalequipment.com

Randy Roush
Service Technician
Contact Info: 262-313-8988
Email: Randy@PDSdentalequipment.com

Jesse Messersmith
Service Technician
Contact Info: 920-664-3122
Email: Jesse@PDSdentalequipment.com

Dan Bono
Service Technician
Contact Info: 608-733-1106
Email: Dan@pdsdentalequipment.com

Rob Magray
Equipment Coordinator
Used Equipment Appraisal
Contact Info: 920-776-1800
Email: Rob@PDSdentalequipment.com

Tony Barriere
Equipment Consultant
Contact Info: 262-577-1463
Email: Tony@pdsdentalequipment.com

Micky Wilde
Office Manager
Contact Info: 920-776-1800
Email: Micky@PDSdentalequipment.com

Ruth Backhaus
Parts Coordinator
Contact Info: 920-776-1800
Email: Ruth@PDSdentalequipment.com